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CIO is responsible for keeping things running smoothly and in a secure manner – avoiding any potential security threats to networks or data.

Benefits of Employing a Virtual CIO

There are a number of advantages that are associated with getting a virtual CIO on board, especially for small businesses. Some of these advantages are discussed briefly below.

  • Formulating the Strategy Going Forward – Direction is an important aspect for most small and mid-sized businesses. With the help of a virtual CIO, you will be better equipped to decide on a strategy for the way forward.
  • Dealing with Security Issues and Disaster Planning – Data breaches and IT-related security threats have become increasingly common and most small business owners may not have the expertise to deal with such situations. Your managed services provider, however, will have a team that will help in detecting and dealing with such issues.
  • Maintenance, Monitoring and Management – Under the ambit of the services provided by the virtual CIO, your managed service provider will be responsible for a more proactive maintenance, full-time monitoring and efficient management of your IT infrastructure.
  • 24/7 IT Expertise – There is no time when your virtual CIO will not be working. You can gain access to the skillset of IT professionals at any time of the day or night.
  • Reduced Costs – When you avail of this service, you are avoiding the cost of employing a full time CIO or technology officer, which could be a huge financial burden, especially when a company is just starting out.

Intellicomp Technologies’ Virtual CIO and Consultant

You can avail all the benefits of getting a virtual CIO on board by signing up with us at Intellicomp Technologies. Our team of professionals will try to understand the current IT requirements of your business and formulate strategies accordingly. We will find all the programs and updates that you need to function more efficiently and avoid any wasteful expenditure. Your resources are limited and precious. Our aim is to build the ideal IT solution that will utilize these resources and bring in the best returns.

At Intellicomp Technologies, our aim is to find the answers to all your IT issues, without causing any financial drain. For this reason, you can gain access to everything that we offer at a fixed monthly rate, so that there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month. You are our priority.

  • IntelliComp’s service and employees are excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient and the VNA is happy to be working with them. From IT support to the purchase and installation of our new phone system they have been there for us. Their understanding of and expertise in the IT and telecommunications field is impressive and they are driven to resolve all of our company’s needs. Thanks to everyone at IntelliComp and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

    Ari Krupp VNA Home Health of Maryland
  • When our IT person left our company, I was afraid everything would fall apart. Choosing IntelliComp was like hiring an IT department. Our experience has been great. They are responsive, professional, and very good at what they do. Things are running better than ever.

    John Kelly Gianni Food Concepts Inc.

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