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All businesses, regardless of size, are dependent on information technology in some way or the other. Your network forms the most important basis of your daily functioning and any issues that crop up in your servers or networks can cause great amounts of distress. Not only do such glitches interfere with the flow of work, sometimes they can lead to more serious issues that can lead to your IT infrastructure crumbling under pressure.

To avoid any such problems by early detection, it is important that you have a network monitoring service at your disposal. If you have doubts about what exactly is included in network monitoring services, we’ve drawn up a brief explainer for you!

What Does Monitoring Entail?

Monitoring traditionally refers to keeping an eye on something constantly to check whether it is functioning in the correct manner. Network monitoring services do that for you in terms of IT support. By employing an agency to monitor your networks constantly, you are taking a more vigilant stance with reference to the health of your network and servers and the protection of your data. A lot of people do not understand the significance of monitoring and simply rely on figuring these issues out as and when they present themselves in front of the business owner, but this can prove to be an expensive exercise. Early detection is key to fixing most IT-related problems.

Network Monitoring at Intellicomp Technologies

At Intellicomp Technologies, we strive to give you the best possible network monitoring service with highly trained experts remotely monitoring your IT infrastructure. As it is a 24/7 process, there will be no time when errors will go unnoticed. It is our highest priority to seek out any technical issues and resolve them in real time so that your work doesn’t suffer. With the help of our constant monitoring, your network will stay up and running at all times.

Benefits of Network Monitoring and Management

If you are relying just on your in-house IT support to take care of all your network requirements, there are bound to be some gaps in monitoring. For example, the people you have employed will only be working for the designated 40 hours each week. What happens during the rest of the hours? If you want to constant monitoring through your internal team, you will have to expand it, incurring higher costs that are associated with hiring more people. By choosing to outsource your IT support and monitoring, you are able to expand your base without paying extra. If you are still doubtful about the benefits of network monitoring as a part of outsourced IT support, we have listed some of the main advantages below:

    • Reduce the existing downtime as we will be monitoring your network all day and all night, without any lapses. This allows early detection of problems and consequently early resolving.
    • You will not have to make the call. If any issues are detected, they will be automatically sent over to our concerned department for quicker validation and remediation.
    • No worries about lengthy wait times in case a technical resolution is required. In most cases, we will be able to detect the issue before you realize it.
    • All issues will be resolved in real time. In our experience, we can remotely resolve over 90% of the issues raised. If it cannot be dealt with from a distance, a technician will be dispatched immediately.
    • Boost in productivity for not just your network, but also for all your employees and business in general.
  • Bring down maintenance costs by conducting previously scheduled updates, patches or other steps.

If you are looking to run a successful business, you need to be one step ahead of your troubles. When you give us the task of monitoring your networks and carrying out regular maintenance activities, you are doing exactly that. This means there will be no place for error. As and when any issues are detected through our 24-hour monitoring, we will take the necessary steps to resolve them. This helps us in reducing the downtime by a considerable amount. In case you are wondering what this means, it means that your business will not come to a standstill because of any IT-related issues as long as you trust us with the job!

  • IntelliComp’s service and employees are excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient and the VNA is happy to be working with them. From IT support to the purchase and installation of our new phone system they have been there for us. Their understanding of and expertise in the IT and telecommunications field is impressive and they are driven to resolve all of our company’s needs. Thanks to everyone at IntelliComp and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

    Ari Krupp VNA Home Health of Maryland
  • When our IT person left our company, I was afraid everything would fall apart. Choosing IntelliComp was like hiring an IT department. Our experience has been great. They are responsive, professional, and very good at what they do. Things are running better than ever.

    John Kelly Gianni Food Concepts Inc.

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