Is your current IT infrastructure keeping you up at night?

Eliminate the stress and hassle with Intellicloud, a complete cloud service
that manages every aspect of your IT, allowing you
to focus on what’s important: your business.

Intellicloud is 100% secure, redundant, and easy to manage.

Your data is safe, encrypted, and backed up offsite.







Our all-in-one cloud computing package eliminates all hardware, software, and IT issues from your place of business, allowing you to focus on growth.

All your information will be stored safely in the cloud, and your employees will be able to access everything they need, anywhere they need it, at any time.

What it means to you:

No more headaches – By eliminating physical servers from your office, you’re free to focus on more important things.

Save time – You’ll no longer need an in-house IT tech to service, troubleshoot and replace your out-of-date or faulty equipment. EVER.

Save money – Not only are you saving on salary, you’re saving TONS of money on equipment.

Consistent costs – You’ll receive ONE BILL every month. That’s it. No hidden charges or unexpected costs.

Total security – Intellicloud is 100% secure, redundant and easy to manage. Your data is safe, encrypted and backed up offsite.

Complete support system – If anything were to go wrong, you’ll have a trained and competent staff of technicians ready and able to fix it.

Scalability – Adding (or subtracting) employees can be accomplished quickly and easily without large amounts of capital.

Convenience – Intellicomp can even provide the hardware you need to succeed. Eliminate the immense upfront cost of PCs; we’ll supply, update and replace them as needed.

Let Intellicloud relieve your stress and simplify your life.

Focus on what’s important, and leave the IT to us.