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Business owners have a ton of things to worry about on a regular basis. It can be the innovation part of the business, daily management and handling employees and costs. In the time of rapid digitalization, IT support is another important factor that needs to be taken care of but you can easily put it at the bottom of your list by outsourcing this job to firms that specialize in this task.

Many companies choose to maintain their own IT departments but the emerging trend – because of its convenience – is outsourced IT support. A very crucial service that is provided in conjunction with IT support is the help desk. When you hear this term, the first thing that comes to mind is those people who sit at a particular place to help you with information during events. The IT help desk is also something along these lines, but the interaction takes place in a different manner.

What Are Help Desks in Relation to IT Support?

An IT help desk is essentially the main point of contact and engagement between the service provider and the clients. This isn’t a physical spot. It is the platform where the clients or users of IT support can get in touch with the company that is providing them the service. This isn’t just for any formal queries and issues, even smaller doubts and problems can be solved by using help desk services.

The help desk is usually in charge of dealing with any service disruptions or incidents that may have hampered the quality of the service, any service requests related to the routine tasks and all other forms of communication with the client. This includes any outages or changes in plan.

As technology becomes more and more advanced, the complications can also increase, especially when you get into the technicalities. The help desk is basically your one stop destination for all issues related to your IT support, where all your questions will be answered. It is the single point of contact between the two parties that leads to more effective communication and consolidation of the management infrastructure.

Why Are Help Desk Services Important?

Imagine you have enlisted the help of a company for IT support. They install all the required software, fix the servers and consolidate your data – but only once. Then they vanish without any trace. How are you supposed to get in touch with the firm? What is the mechanism that will hold them responsible for troubleshooting and fixing problems that arise after the initial setup?

This is where the importance of help desk services is really felt. If you have any trouble in your IT support, you can simply utilize the help desk services to obtain a fix for the problem. As everything is online now, you don’t even have to wait for a technician to come down and fix all your problems. Majority of the queries can be answered immediately and 90% of all problems are solved without visiting the offices.

Help desk services are essential for keeping both sides active. As and when you face any trouble, you can just shoot it across to us at Intellicomp Technologies and we will find the right answers for you. Keep reading to find out more about the help desk services provided by us!

Intellicomp Technologies’ Help Desk

First and foremost, for an all-inclusive monthly price, we will manage servers and networks, carry out maintenance and give you monthly status reports. It doesn’t stop here. The biggest advantage of bringing Intellicomp on board for your IT support is the 24/7 tech support that you receive. There is no time of the day or week when you cannot contact us. We will always be there to help you in whichever way you need us to!

You don’t need us to tell you these things – the facts speak for themselves! People come back for the best personalized service and because of this, we have an astounding 98.7% retention rate when it comes to our clients. With hundreds of clients across the country, our team of experts work towards giving you, your staff and your company the best possible service across the board and technical support for any minor hiccups along the way.

  • IntelliComp’s service and employees are excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient and the VNA is happy to be working with them. From IT support to the purchase and installation of our new phone system they have been there for us. Their understanding of and expertise in the IT and telecommunications field is impressive and they are driven to resolve all of our company’s needs. Thanks to everyone at IntelliComp and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

    Ari Krupp VNA Home Health of Maryland
  • When our IT person left our company, I was afraid everything would fall apart. Choosing IntelliComp was like hiring an IT department. Our experience has been great. They are responsive, professional, and very good at what they do. Things are running better than ever.

    John Kelly Gianni Food Concepts Inc.

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