Healthcare IT Support

Are you HIPAA compliant? Buried in paperwork?

Confident in your IT security and backup systems?

Intellicomp lets you focus on what’s most important with the peace of mind
that comes with a dedicated and reliable Healthcare IT support company.

Your patients depend on you. Be sure your IT works as hard as you do for them, 24/7.

Everything in the world is moving towards digitalization. This includes hospital records and sensitive information that must remain between the healthcare provider and patient. Security breaches through cyber attacks on both big hospitals and smaller practices have become increasingly common. Not only does this affect your relationship with your patient, it can also expose you to a number of legal repercussions. This highlights the importance of IT support that helps you manage this mountain of information and keep it safe.

Keeping compliant with HIPAA can be a challenge. Our team of HIPAA trained experts will ensure your office is compliant and your data is secure. We’ll provide HIPAA risk assessment and mediation plans.

Keeping up with mounds of paperwork is overwhelming and can be a hassle. Ditch the file cabinets and upgrade to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), allowing you to keep track of your patients in real time with less paperwork, less manpower and greater security.

Keeping your patients’ information secure is a top priority. Protect your patients and your data with enterprise security and backup solutions with total data protection. According to HIPAA Journal, there were hundreds of data breaches of 500+ records in 2016; don’t become the next statistic.

Your patients depend on you. Be sure your IT works as hard as you do for them, 24/7.        

Benefits you’ll love:

HIPAA risk assessment and mediation plans – Our analysis (required by law) helps identify and act on possible weak spots, and we’ll take preventative measures to protect against future risks.

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) – When EMRs are connected between all healthcare providers and their patients, you’ll receive immediate and accurate access to patient files.

Improved patient healthcare With all their information stored securely and shared between all providers, patients receive more accurate diagnoses and better overall care.

Quick claim filing Filing electronically can cut the time it takes to get reimbursed for claims in half compared to traditional submission methods.

Virtualization We can consolidate technology between multiple offices and locations, offering agility and affordable scalability.

Reduced cost – You’ll require less manpower to file and input information, leading to a more efficient office. Reduce cost and hours while significantly strengthening your practice.

Let Intellicomp help you help them. Join the more than 50 medical practices that have placed their trust in us for all their Healthcare IT needs.

Electronic Medical Record Software (EMRs)

We understand government mandates regarding EMRs and are ready to assist in implementation, maintenance and management of EMR systems. We employ a proactive approach to ensure that your EMR/EHR/HIS/PMS software functions properly.

We’ll protect your electronic files, ensuring legally mandated privacy and decreasing your exposure to HIPAA violation penalties.

We’ll manage all your IT services for a set monthly fee so you can focus on patient care. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your medical practice today with IntelliComp’s Healthcare Managed Services.