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There is no industry in the world that is not affected by technology and the information technology sector. According to the 2018 Tech Report released by the American Bar Association, 57% of law firms budget for technology. While this figure is a little below the 2017 number (60%), there is a significant move towards IT services. The question here is – is your firm employing this budget in the best way possible?

While the primary service that law firms are responsible for is advising its clients about laws and its application, as technology advances, everything is moving online. As the employees of law firms don’t usually have the technical knowledge to set up their own IT infrastructure, this task can frequently be outsourced to professionals who have more experience in the field.

If you have some doubts regarding how legal IT services are important for the successful running of law firms, we have drawn up a brief explainer for you!

What Is the Need for IT Services in the Legal Industry?

Attorneys working at law firms – both large and small – deal with a large number of clients on a regular basis. One of the most important parts of their job is protecting any sensitive client data that they may be in possession of. Everything is slowing moving to the internet. Most data isn’t kept on physical files; it is uploaded onto online platforms that make accessing it easier for the attorney.

The problem arises when the attorneys aren’t the only ones who can access this information. Data breaches and hacking are becoming more and more common with each passing day. To protect such sensitive information, you need to integrate data security mechanisms with your organization’s IT infrastructure. Legal IT services specialize in this field. We at Intellicomp Technologies aim to provide you better security and access to your documents from anywhere around the world so that you can do your job from anywhere.

What Can Intellicomp Technologies Offer?

At Intellicomp Technologies, we are known for helping people in the legal industry to understand the best ways in which they can protect the sensitive client information that they have to deal with. With our hands on approach, we can help you set up a business continuity plan that will be in accordance to the requirements and responsibilities of the entire law firm. Legal IT services offered by us will help in detecting any lapses in your security systems and develop ways to overcome these lapses so that you aren’t exposed to any compromising situations.

Intellicomp’s unique selling point is superior protection, access to client (your) data from wherever you need it, combined with 24/7 support that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With years of experience providing legal IT support to law firms, we are equipped with the skills required for optimizing your law firm’s IT infrastructure.

Advantages of Legal IT Services

There are some undeniable benefits of availing legal IT services when it comes to protecting client data and allowing everything to run smoothly. Some of these advantages are listed below.

  • Superior Performance – By putting a sound IT infrastructure into play, law firms will be able to improve their overall performance. Access to data is simplified and security is enhanced so that you can work towards improving your standing in the industry.
  • Emphasis on Client Relations – As a lawyer, your clients are of supreme importance. They need to be able to trust you and that will not be possible till they are assured that all their personal data is safe. By employing legal IT services, you can ensure that they have that confirmation.
  • Security and Disaster Planning – Cyber breaches are becoming more and more common each day. To deal with any such situation, you will need to have a disaster plan in store. This will be able to help you traverse any problem that comes your way with great ease.
  • Reduction of Costs – Most law firms do not have the financial resources to employ IT support separately. By choosing legal IT services to deal with your information technology needs, you can get all the essential benefits of having your own IT support team without having to pay for an additional few people on your payroll.

As you can see, we at Intellicomp Technologies have a lot to offer when it comes to legal IT support. Give us a call and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help optimize and make your business more efficient!

  • IntelliComp’s service and employees are excellent, friendly, knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient and the VNA is happy to be working with them. From IT support to the purchase and installation of our new phone system they have been there for us. Their understanding of and expertise in the IT and telecommunications field is impressive and they are driven to resolve all of our company’s needs. Thanks to everyone at IntelliComp and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

    Ari Krupp VNA Home Health of Maryland
  • When our IT person left our company, I was afraid everything would fall apart. Choosing IntelliComp was like hiring an IT department. Our experience has been great. They are responsive, professional, and very good at what they do. Things are running better than ever.

    John Kelly Gianni Food Concepts Inc.

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